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I’ve worked many types of jobs over the years, but I am a voice over nerd at heart.  I offer a distinctive voice, a biting wit and I’m happy to be your hip dad, finance head honcho, or dead pan comedian in whatever project you have going. Due to my education and teaching background, I’m adept at bringing the listener along on a journey, making me an excellent candidate for long-form narration. My music background is also helpful with timing, listening and tone matching.


Speaking of biting wit, my voice print informs my comedy.  I play “announcer guy” on the Stand Up w/ Pete Dominick podcast every Monday-Thursday. I write and perform a unique introduction script daily and have also contributed incidental music and comedy jingles to the show.


People can see when they work with me that I’m a friendly joker, but that I also value their time, want to deliver exactly what they’re looking for and I take direction well. My approach to VO is very practical, and I love being one piece of a whole creative pie.

VO Services

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From documentary film, audio books and museum audio tours to simple internet applications, narration is everywhere and I love doing it.


I am happy to give your product a voice, whether it is rapid fire delivery for your podcast, or simply supporting the images on screen.


I love voicing animated characters in cartoons, video games, or wherever they may speak, dance and move.

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